Temporal Temperament

by The heartless Artichokes

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17 songs about the perils of being in a relationship with a professional thief.


released May 15, 2015

All song written by The heartless Artichokes in Staten Island, NY except track 3 which was written by The Meerkatz in Dublin, Ireland.



all rights reserved


The heartless Artichokes New York, New York

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Track Name: Just Another Winter in Chicago
The wind is blowing hard today. The wind here has teeth. I can feel it chomping on my skin. There is snow on the ground, but it's not snowing now.

The weatherman said its just a matter of time. I know tonight you'll be committing a crime, and I know you're only doing what you think is best. You're doing something we both believe is right, and tonight you will put freedom to the test.

I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. That's what I wrote on the last page of your high school yearbook. That statement has never been more true than it is today. Back then those were just empty words, the only kind I ever had to say to you.

Ain't it funny how things change?

And as the wind hits my face I think about the conversation we had last night, about how you said you didn't want hurt anyone, but that you were ready to fight if you had to. Yeah you were always ready to fight when you had to.

I think back to when we were in high school and the fight club that met just before class. I will never forget what you said when mr Franklin asked about the bruises and the cuts. You said, "I'm just living free while I can cause one day I'll be dust"

I'm one block away from my destination now and I feel the snowflakes falling down. Will this be just another winter in Chicago, or one where we make history?
Will today be the day we change the world?
Track Name: On Moses Mountain
There is something that you've been looking for and I know why you're looking for it. You told me tonight under the moonlight, on top of Moses Mountain. We were looking out into the woods below us. If you don't find what it is you're looking for in the Greenbelt, I will look with you until you find it. Because after tonight I'm looking for something too, yeah after tonight I'm looking for more nights like this with you. Under the moonlight, on top of the mountain, our future shines.
Track Name: The Burren
We went out for a walk. The warm air was pressing against us. We were looking for new hiding spots. We held connecting hands just above our heads. We say when we're older we will not forget this day. We will not.

I mean the words I say, and the feelings in my bones. You went looking to find me, you searched all over town. When you found me you told me not to let go. I wouldn't do that for all the gold under the rainbow, for all the songs played loudly on the radio.

We held connecting hands just above our heads. We say when we're older we will not forget this day. We will not. I mean the words I say, the feelings in my bones. As I sing these words of praising to you straight from my heart.
Track Name: Among Thieves 151
An old sweet song made new, old words still true. We could hear the music coming through the thick night air. We had suspicions that something else was hiding there.

We have always loved the bright lights so we switch to the 10 in Ontario, yeah we are going to Los Angeles and that's just the first thing we'll cross off our lists

This world is our oyster even if we have to pry it open with our sharpest knives. This world is our oyster, just think of the pearl inside

If we don't find what we're looking for in LA, there's no reason we have to stay. Go north go east go west go south. The best way out of the belly of the beast is probably through the mouth.

So we'll head up to New York and if we don't find what we're looking for along the way, we'll act out our dark dreams on and off Broadway.

This world is our stage. Let's put on a great show, make the most of it before our fall. Lovers turned soldiers approaching curtain call
Track Name: We Left Fingerprints on Everything
We were in mirzapur in July in 2004. I don't remember how we got there, but I will never how forget how we left. Stashed away in the back of the bullock cart , it was a pig pen. What I'm saying is we were surrounded by pigs. The smell was awful but we felt like kings.

And you certainly were a queen weren't you? I could see your smile through the pig tails burning through. And I could feel the bag of stolen jewels resting against my thigh. I looked you in the eyes. In that moment you reminded of the goddess that that town is named for. You had just slayed a demon. Yeah we got what we came for. We were richer than the gods. But look at us now.
Track Name: Monster Song
You made me feel like a monster
For years you were asking me to be a monster
So I destroyed the lab you created me in
I destroyed the place we used to call home
And Now I live among the ruins
Without you

A horrible place to live you know
With every step another broken memory
I used to think things were so good with you and me
Some days all the problems we had occupy my blind spot
And others they're the only thing that I got!

when I see the remnants of trophies and rewards from the myriad of our- oh what did you call them?- victimless crimes
I can't help but think about the good times
Yeah You know our glory days
When we were royalty and all our problems seemed to melt away
But they didn't do that now did they
They were hiding in the corners planning our demise
While we chasing our futures up there in the skies
Track Name: Nostalgic Hangover
saw you tonight
Waiting at the bus stop
While I was driving by
I remember a time
where I would've stopped
And offered you a ride

But I know if I did that now
You'd be quick to remind me
That that time is gone
You'd be quick to tell me
To move it right along

So that's what I do
And as you eased of view
I thought about the old times
And let the nostalgia poison my mind

And on my way home
I make an unexpected stop at the liquor store
And Bought the rum
you said you didn't want me drinking

And when I got home
I poured the bottle down my throat
Flushing out one poison with another
Track Name: I Ain't Lying
Well I wouldn't say I'm misanthrope but you wouldn't be lying if you said I ain't go no hope for the things that humans can accomplish on our time spent on this dying planet. Let it die just like every good thing we've seen in history. I don't if I'm sick or depressed or apathetic or all three. I ain't lying when I say I'm mad. No I ain't lying when I tell you I'm sad. It might be a little bit of an exaggeration when I say I cry myself to sleep at least four times a week.
Track Name: Homesick
Take me to Mars take me to the moon
Take me to the andromeda galaxy
Late at night I spend my time
Alone in the basement working on a spaceship

Take me to Mars take me to the moon
Take me to the andromeda galaxy
I need to get as far away
From this place that I can

I've lived here for 22 years and nothing I've seen makes sense to me
And I don't seem to fit in with your society
And trying to change the way y'all do things seems like an act of futility
I've lived here for 22 years and I have never felt human

Take me to Mars take me to the moon
Take me to the andromeda galaxy
In hopes that I
Can find a place to call home

Late at night I spend my time
Alone in the basement working on a spaceship
Take me to Mars take me to the moon
Take me to the andromeda galaxy

Drop me off anywhere in the andromeda
I'll make the most of it
Drop me on any planet
Cause it has to be better than this
Track Name: Cold Space
I am stuck between a rock and a bigger rock
Yeah a rock and a boulder
Wait no that's a glacier
The weathers getting colder

The glacier is slowly and surely headed my direction
I can see myself in visions of the very near future
Crushed against the cold Fractured Granite
This life is a universe, one in a bunch
In with a bang and out with a crunch

But wait!
Now I hear your voice
Calling out my name
Something in my chest burning like a hot white flame

I open my eyes and I see you there
There's something different about your hair
Something else has melted the glacier and the stone
And Like an astronaut coming home
The big bright smile shining on your face
Slams home the realization that I'm no longer lost in space
Track Name: Surprise
No one calls the home phone anymore
So when it wakes me up at 3:44
In the morning imagine my surprise
But I have a hunch of who could be on the other line
I bet it's you
Who else could it be

The last time you called was a few years ago
About that job up in Montreal
I'll never forget that day
That was probably the best day of my life
I pick up the phone and say hello
With eager anticipation rattling my bones
My prediction comes true when I hear your voice say my name
And what you say next rattles my brain

When you tell me that your calling from they pay phone just around the corner
I hang up the phone and run out the door
As I run down the street
The very near future in front of me
Unfolds in my mind like a favorite book that hasn't been read in a long time
Track Name: There Was a Time When The Gin Blossoms Were My Favorite Band
Running around this town with you again like it's the old times
When we hear the sirens in the distance hey jealousy by the gin blossoms starts playing in my mind
Theres a smile on your face
And a bigger one on mine
I forgot how much I missed the rush
It's been a long time
My hands tied to wheel
Like my dreams have been to you
I won't let go
Get on the expressway
Then the sirens fade
When we cross the Goethals bridge
We know we made a clean getaway
I can't believe that just last week I was sitting home alone
wishing that I hadn't blown the whole thing years ago
Now here we are back on the road
Real proud
Of what we found
Just outside of dc
You tell me
You admire the courage that I showed
Back there
I swear
Your words have never sounded more sincere
After we collect the payment from our client, I suggest we disappear
You ask me if I'm joking
I can tell that "yeah of course" are the words you want to hear
So that's what I say
I won't let go
Not today
Track Name: Our New Cat
Red Roses
Violet violets
A bad poem
Dead silence

And you
Searching for the right words
Youre always looking for the words that I can't find

Well look what we've got here
There's an elephant in the room
Look at what we have here
An elephant wearing galoshes and a bright pink poncho

And then you start speaking
Words like bridges
Designed to go from point A to point B
While holding a lot of weight

And as the night grew longer
The conversation deeper
The elephant shrunk

And by 6 in the morning
The only animal in our room was a house cat
It was wearing mittens and a bright pink sweater
It's almost as cute as you
Track Name: Short Song About Trust
I don't know what you have planned, and the way you've been talking recently makes me a little nervous. But you know I trust you. At least, I know I used to.
Track Name: Secret Hidden Treasure Room
I was never in it for the treasure. How I loved the sense of adventure. I never wanted the treasure. I didn’t care about the gold. All I ever really wanted was your love, truth be told

We think we know where this road goes, but we know nothing except which way the wind blows.

Take a tour bus to the Erebuni Fortress. Blend in with a crowd and scope it out. Look for an entrance to the hidden room that the cosmic fortune cookies told us about.

Markings above a hole in the temple wall match the ones on the strange stone ball that we found in Bitlis Province. I thought you’d be excited but it looked like something was eating at your conscience. At the time I dismissed the thought as nonsense

We easily sneak in later that night when no ones around. Then I thought I heard footsteps but you said you didn’t hear a sound. So I place the stone in its home in the wall and a staircase emerges leading underground.

Our flashlights illuminate our wildest dreams, but nothing this golden is ever as pure as it seems. I feel a pistol pressed up against my head. If I make one wrong move a deep raspy voice tells me I’ll be dead. I fear for your life when you walk over to him, until I see you kiss him that is. You say “sorry darling” as you grab hold of his hand. Then his men tie me up and throw me in a van.

From the window I watch you and him load up the long lost treasure into the van next to the one I’m in. Then you disappear into the wind. A big burly man holding a knife asks me if I’ve lived a good life.

The lights shine brightest when you think you’re never going to see them again
Track Name: Stories You Tell
The stories you tell are really something else
The stories you tell are lies
I bet most people believe them
And I probably would too, if I didn't know you as well as I do

The stories you tell are egregious hyperbole
The stories you tell always seem to make me out as fool
And that might be the only part of your story that's true
But it still hurts, coming from you

I was counting the stars just like we used to.
Tell me is that something you still do?
I was talking to the stars just like we used to
And They told me something you won't believe
You tell me things that i can't believe
I can't believe you

I can't believe you
Was any of it ever true
Or was this always just some game you
What about when things were new

What about what you said when we on the mountain top under the moon
About the things you want
About the things you need
Pure lies
Pure greed
I can't believe you
I can't believe there was a time I believed I'd never leave you
I can't believe you
Track Name: Walking Thorny
Everywhere I look now no matter what visions the ruins bring
They all eventually lead to the exact same thing
To the moment when you stopped listening
To the words we made a living on
As soon as a better deal came along

Setting me up after WE pulled off the heist of the century
Something they said that couldn't be done
Did you really think it would be that easy to get rid of me?
Do you really think you won?

I bet you didn't think I'd still be alive
Can you guess how I survived
I became the monster you always wanted me to be
Did things I swore I'd never do
But goddamn it you made me

You made me feel like a monster
Well you finally got your
Wait that's was one of our problems wasn't it?
you always wanted me to be YOUR monster
Well I've got words for you that you thought you'd never hear me say
I'm unleashed and it's time to do things my way.

You made me feel like a monster
For the things I had to do
To survive what you put me through
You know what though, I'd actually like to thank you
For giving me this new world view

I am a monster
Who from this day forward
Will destroy everything in my path
Until you feel the full brunt of my wrath
Who cares about the aftermath
I am a monster now
And I'm coming for you