Radical Radio

by The heartless Artichokes

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These songs tell part of a story of friendship, comraderie and doing the right thing. Sure no one knows what the right thing is but we do know when something is wrong. These songs tell part of a story of some people got together to fight against and change what they knew in their hearts, and their minds, was wrong. I say part of a story because this is a story that has been going on long before since any of us were born and will unfortunately keep going until long after we are dead. This is a story that is not meant to be told by one person, it's a story that everyone should contribute to. If you're interested in more of the story than just the small fraction of it I'm providing here, that part of the story is waiting for you to tell it.


released May 31, 2017

All songs written by The heartless Artichokes with the exception of Pure Milk, which is by the Mountain Goats



all rights reserved


The heartless Artichokes New York, New York

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Track Name: Morning Show
People sit down and pretend they're sane
While constricting themselves in the boring mundane
Distracted and disdained
Oh but it's ok
As long we're entertained

It doesn't matter what they say
Or do behind closed doors
Tell me have you been keeping score
They count on people like you and me
To turn our heads so we won't see
What they're doing!

More people must complain
Force them to explain
All the power and control they've gained
Oh but it's okay
As long as Our blind eyes are sustained

It doesn't matter what they say
Or do behind closed doors
Tell me have you been keeping score
Because I can guarantee they are
And they're winning
They count on people like you and me
To turn our heads so we won't see
What they're doing!

What are you doing
What am I doing
What are we doing
Track Name: Public Service Announcement
How many wheels must we reinvent
Until we realize we already have the cars
That can take us from where we are
To where we know we should be in our hearts

How many dollars must we spend
Until we realize we could have it all for free
How many scientists will we ignore
Before we lose our ability to breathe

The answer my friends isn't blowing in the wind
Because it died as soon as it touched the air
Billions have been spent polluting the earth
Ensuring soon that nothing at all will be able to live there

How many jobs must one person hold
Before they can pay their rent
And how many groceries do you think they can afford
Before their money's all spent

How many streets must the homeless roam
Until we realize capitalism should be the one to lose it's home
How many black lives must be murdered
Before we figure out who it is the police really protect and serve

The answer my friends isn't blowing in the wind
The answer is sitting on the fence
Deep in your heart and in the back of your mind
Waiting to be pushed into action by some common sense
Track Name: Marcus
Fresh cabbages plum tomatoes
Your choice black or green olives
My choice green or red bell peppers
A joke most people wouldn't even think to laugh at

I heard him laughing at a grocery store
I met him in a grocery store
I met the man who changed my life in produce section of the grocery store

Compliment a stranger on his joke
Get introduced no mirror no smoke
No games no daggers no cloaks
one minute he asks what I do
The next I'm scheduled for radio interview

He asked me some questions at a grocery store
I met him inside a grocery store
I met the man who changed my life in aisle 1 of the grocery store

I'd actually heard of him before
Sarah told me I should listen to his show
But I never really got around to it you know
Kinda like a revolution
There is nothing until everything explodes

I heard him laughing at the grocery store
He asked me some questions inside of a grocery store
He gave me the outlet I'd been looking for
I met the man who changed my life at the western beef on Bay Street
Track Name: Radical Radio
They think I'm so mysterious
And say they just dont know
What I do in my spare time
I'll tell ya, I listen to radical radio

They think I'm on the fringe
But they just can't see
What's right in front of them
If we don't change course it's the death of you and me
We will be free
when we choose to be

Those words leave the boombox
When I'm In my room alone
There's a call in from a listener
Together we'll change the world with radical radio

They think we're all so different
But together we hold the key
To unlock the gates of oppression
That has been keeping us down you and me

We won't be free
until we demand to be

Those words leave my mouth
As I speak them into the phone
DJ on the other line
Spreading the word through radical radio

They think this course of action
Only ends in defeat
Surely we can insist on the impossible
And change the world together you and me

We won't be free
Until we make it happen
Track Name: Airwave Activism
don't always like The music they play
Some of its just not my style
the speakers always have something to say
Although I do disagree once in a while

Sometimes the callers get on my nerves
With their crass opinions and pigeon holed views
I guess that happens dancing along the edge of the curve
Even so it's the best place to get unbiased news

No alternative facts
No ones trying to get you in their traps
Not paid for by any big corporation
Truly by and for people trying to spread accurate information

Who could've guessed that the rebels on the front lines
Would get their spoons from disc jockeys in these times
Are you ready to get your retribution
Who would've guessed the airwaves would be the medium of the revolution
Track Name: Rearview
My fears are nightmares that choke me in my sleep
One day I won't awake to find out I can't breathe
If time is rare then tell me is it sweet
Only way to find out is to practice what I preach

My nights are high speed car chases and my fears are the police
I will never crash and they will never capture me
If they do then tell me will the bedside radio wake me from my dreams
Only way to find out is to do what I believe

My days are reflections of all those sleepless nights
Mirrored in the sense that every choice I make now feels right
If my decisions fail then tell me do Conrad's words fall light
Only way to find out is to do everything i might

My new friends are all heroes although they'll tell you otherwise
Commend them on their praxis they say it's just the way they live their lives
And if it isn't easy you might ask them why they even try
Only answer they will give is because they are alive
Track Name: Start Here
99.9 99.7 100.1 static everywhere you go
I guess I guess we finally reached a dead zone
North of Columbus south of Toledo
As good a place as any where we can call home

Carmens fathers advice that they shared on the air
Has burrowed into my brain and made a home there
For change to happen everywhere
It has to happen anywhere


So me and some buddies we hit the road
Scanning through frequencies like cracking code
We have the equipment and knowhow to carry the load
Get up and rise up nowhere Ohio

Word is the powers that be are starting to get scared
You can't kill a movement that spreads through the air
For change to happen anywhere
It must happen everywhere

Track Name: Comrade Conrad's Congressional Commencement
And the volume was all the way up
And the windows were all the way down
And the freeway was a desert
As we sped away from you're home town

And at 3 in the morning a cop car lay still in the dark
And at 3 in the morning we flew by that cop car in the dark
And at 3 in the morning we got pulled over by a cop car in the dark
And at 3 in the morning Sarah gave us words of wisdom from the backseat

And when The license leaves my hand
And the pig man mentions our stickers
And glorious you understands
For us to beat them we don't have to be quicker

And at 3 in the morning you find out what the volume knob is for in the dark
And at 3 in the morning Sarah is screaming the lyrics in the dark
And at 3 in the morning We heard our dear friends voice in the dark
And at 3 in the morning that cop hears some news he never thought he'd ever ever hear through the speakers of our car in the dark
Track Name: Laughing in the Landfill
In your car with the radio on
We were singing along
To an old and still relevant song
About the government and this country's

It's not the national anthem
But the dj jokes that one day it will be
When we burn down all of the mansions
Reap the harvest from the seeds we planted

The next songs starts
as you park your car
A fast punk jam with shoddy bass guitar
And lyrics that could Change the world
If the world was just my neighbor in his basement


We get out of the car
The walks not too far
music blasting you can hear it through the door
What are you fighting for

On the other side are friendly faces
like us come from far away places
Gathered here for the start of something special
The first annual 99.9 nationwide freedom festival

there are hundreds of events like this right now all around the country
thousands of Bands and speakers from all over the world
Zines and pamphlets made by someone's neighbor in the basement
can you believe some people have the nerve to ask where all the waste went